The Carrier
World Premiere

The Carrier

World Documentary Competition
| USA | 88 MINUTES | Tonga
Female Director(s), Documentary

This lyrical documentary follows Mutinta, a dutiful and loving 28-year-old mother living in the landlocked African country of Zambia with her polygamous husband. Polygamy is still a legal and common practice in the country. When their humble farming life is infiltrated by the rapidly spreading HIV/AIDS epidemic, the family is shaken by the implications. In Zambia it has been estimated that more than 250 people each day are infected with the disease and fewer than 15 percent of adults know their HIV status. When Mutinta, now pregnant, learns that she too is HIV positive, she sets out to keep the child virus-free and break the cycle of transmission.

Mutinta's journey is long and lonely, as the disease still generates fear and mystery in the community. First-time filmmaker Maggie Betts makes an affecting debut with her breathtakingly visual documentary about one inspiring young woman willing to face the odds to eradicate the passing of HIV/AIDS to the next generation. The film's beautiful score and impressive editing adeptly pace Mutinta's journey. This remarkably personal film is a vehicle to understanding the state of a nation struggling to change the reality of their world.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Maggie Betts and Maggie Betts
MAGGIE BETTS, a first-time filmmaker and native New Yorker, is a longtime advocate for the rights of HIV-positive women and children in sub-Saharan Africa. She has spent the past five years traveling the continent as a volunteer and philanthropist for various UN organizations. Maggie graduated Princeton University with a degree in English.
Maggie Betts, Ben Selkow, Joedan Okun, Benjamin Prager
Executive Producer
Roland Betts
Maggie Betts
Flavia de Souza
Director of Photography
Kat Westergaard
Daniel Miller, David Della Santa

Dee Poku
Phone: 323 509 7526
Press Contact
Deirdre Synan
Main Contact
Joedan Okun
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212.352-3007 x245
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