The Good Doctor


World Premiere

USA | 85 MINUTES | English |



Lonesome first-year medical resident Dr. Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom) is eager to impress his superiors, but a few missteps set him back, igniting his hidden insecurities. When he finally gets the respect he so desperately craves from an enchanting teenage patient—Diane (Riley Keough), who is admitted with a kidney infection—he'll do anything to keep her under his care. But when the chief resident finally takes notice of him, Martin can't seem to catch a break: The head nurse has it in for him, and orderly Jimmy (an impressive Michael Peña) discovers Martin's secret budding relationship with Diane and blackmails him for prescription painkillers. Soon a desperate and paranoid Martin is no longer just fighting for respect, but also for his reputation and career.

While astutely capturing the occasionally bleak and warped world of intern life, director Lance Daly (Kisses) shows how enthusiasm can quickly turn into obsession in this slow-burning psychological thriller. Alongside a sharp supporting cast, Bloom paints a gripping portrait of a man who faces the accelerating depths of infatuation and, above all, ambition.


Directed by Lance Daly and Lance Daly

LANCE DALY was born and educated in Dublin. His films include Last Days in Dublin and The Halo Effect, which was nominated for five Irish Film and Television Academy Awards, and Kisses, which was awarded Best Picture at Galway and Foyle and the audience prize at Miami. It was also nominated for seven IFTAs and an Independent Spirit Award.
Director of Photography
Yaron Orbach
John Enbom
Executive Producer
Leonid Lebedev, Sharon Miller
Emer Reynlods
Lance Daly
Jonathan King, Dan Etheridge, Orlando Bloom
Julia Lebedev
Primary Cast
Orlando Bloom, Riley Keough, Troy Garity, Rob Morrow, Taraji P. Henson, Michael Peña


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Dan Etheridge
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