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USA | 85 MINUTES | English |


This gripping confessional documentary becomes an outlet for a mother to tell the heartrending story of her search for her missing son. Kathy Gilleran, a retired police officer from Ithaca, New York with 20 years under her belt, received a phone call on October 31, 2007. It was from the UN Industrial Development Organization in Vienna, Austria, where her 34-year-old son, Aeryn, was working. He had disappeared.

In Gone, Gilleran shares her personal journey, putting together pieces of what happened, only to have them fall apart again. Talking directly to the camera for most of the film, her articulate manner draws the viewer into her quest for the truth. Mixing in footage she shot while searching for Aeryn in Vienna, she speaks about the frustration with the local police and an investigation full of holes. Like any loving mother, Kathy perseveres—through dead ends, contradicting reports, and signs of homophobia when Aeryn's openly gay life came into question. Gone will most likely leave many wanting more answers—the same answers Kathy wants.

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Directed by John Morning, John Morning, Gretchen Morning, and Gretchen Morning

GRETCHEN MORNING is a writer, producer, and editor of reality and scripted TV for Discovery, National Geographic, Lifetime, TLC, and the History Channel, among others. Gone is her directorial debut. JOHN MORNING is a writer and filmmaker who has written for Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues, National Geographic, and Discover Health Channel. His award-winning short film Truckstop won NYU's First Prize Wasserman Award, and his screenplay What Would Fabio Do? won Best Comedy in Austin Film Festival's screenplay competition.
Director of Photography
Atilla Boa, Dan Roach
Executive Producer
Jim Butterworth
Joel Plotch, Gretchen Morning
Gretchen Morning, John Morning
Daniel Chalfen
Erik Blicker, Glenn Schloss