King Richard

World Premiere

USA | 20 MINUTES | English |


This portrait of New York avant-garde playwright Richard Foreman focuses on all periphery elements of a recent production-elaborate set design, lighting, non-speaking cast's frantic movements patterns, and recurrent imagery at his Ontological-Hysteric Theater. Highlights all the fringe, yet essential, specifics typical of Foremen's recent work rather than the varying content of his plays.


Directed by Henry Hills

Henry Hills has been making short experimental films for almost 30 years, including Kino Da!, Money, SSS, Little Lieutenant, and Porter Springs. His work, which has screened widely in museums, galleries, avant-garde film venues, festivals, and on television around the world, and is represented in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. His film Nervous Ken screened last year at the Tribeca Film Festival. King Richard is a section of an ongoing series, "Emma's Dilemma," a 90-minute version of which will premiere in June at Anthology Film Archives.