Piece By Piece

New York Premiere

USA | 14 MINUTES | English |


Female Director(s), Documentary
Piece By Piece is a documentary about the resurgence of the Rubik's Cube and, specifically, the sport of speedcubing. Meet one of the original creators of a well-known speedcubing algorithm and the 1982 Swedish speedcubing champion. Watch one-handed cubing and the blindfolded competition, in which competitors memorize the entire cube before covering their eyes and solving it in under 2 minutes. Whether they are 11 years old or 31, clean-cut or covered in tattoos, these different characters entertain as they explain what goes on inside their heads as they solve the cube.


Directed by Sachi Schuricht

SACHI SCHURICHT is a sophomore at Colgate University studying Philosophy, Psychology, and Film and Media. After school she plans to return to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking and public broadcasting.