Nueva York

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

World Premiere

USA | 8 MINUTES | Spanish, English |


Multiple stories of Latino life in the Big Apple interweave to show us what it takes to make it and how Latinos live together and support each other in the big city. From the well-established to the newly arrived, Latinos are connected to each other in so many ways.


Directed by Manolo Celi

Manolo Celi (b. 1975, Caracas, Venezuela) grew up outside Boston. His strength lies in telling compelling stories through humor, exciting visuals, and dynamic cinematography. His commercial work and short films have won multiple awards. Manolo currently resides in New York City.
Heather Murphy, Manolo Celi
Manolo Celi
Assistant Director
Fergal O'Gorman
Director of Photography
Sherman Johnson
Primary Cast
Javier Kato, Israel Hernandez, Julissa Roman, Laura Gomez, Carolina Ravassa, Arturo Del Puerto, Gary Cruz
Art Directors
Ivette Mederos, Cory Allen
Production Manager
Yiya Garcia
Manolo Celi


Director's Manager
Christopher Pratt
Elements Entertainment
1635 North Cahuenga Boulevard, 5th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: 323-461-2000
Print Source
Manolo Celi
PO Box 765 New York, NY 10024