Shorts in Competition: Narrative

New York Premiere

USA | 17 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Crime
In this psychological drama, Seth, a tortured ex-convict, confronts his nemesis Hollis, a holy-rolling prison guard with a penchant for abuse. Seth greets Hollis in a remote diner, bent on revenge, all the while experiencing harrowing flashbacks from his incarcerated past. As the minutes pass, Seth's purpose, sense of self, and even his reality will be drawn into question as the final moments deliver him a world-turning revelation.

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Wake-up Call program.


Directed by Joseph Bakhash

Joseph Bakhash is a Long Island native who cofounded Secret Hideout Films in 2007. He has produced Yard of Blondes for director Sergio Bastani, Girl Grooming for director Patrick Kallay, Cupcake (TFF '08), and The Cubicle for Secret Hideout cofounder and director Sean McPhillips.
Sean McPhillips
Adrienne Stern
Joseph Bakhash, Sean McPhillips
Director of Photography
Luke Geissbuhler
Costume Design
Andrea Seidel
Joseph Bakhash
Production Designer
Rick Gilbert
Ray Chung
Primary Cast
Norman Reedus, Chris Mulkey, Phyllis Somerville, Sarah Jones


Jennifer Blum
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Phone: 212 354 4660
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Joseph Bakhash
Secret Hideout Films
30 West 61st Street, Apt. 24B New York, NY 10003
Phone: 646 831 0601
Main Contact
Sean McPhillips
Secret Hideout Films
171 East Second Street, Apt. 5 New York, NY 10023
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