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France | 127 MINUTES | French, Italian, Romanian, Arabic |


Drama, Crime
When Melissa is brought in to photograph the harrowing details of life in the Child Protection Unit of the Paris police, she is an outsider amongst a close-knit family of cops. Brought together by their emotionally devastating work, lieutenants and officers squabble like siblings and play jokes over communal lunches. The CPU hunts child molesters, confronts abusive parents, finds shelters for unwanted children, and counsels oversexed teens, all while being seen as a lesser branch of the police force by its fellow crime departments. At the same time, the team makes time for laughter and good old-fashioned fun, playing games and dancing as outlets for draining days in the field.

Grounded in documentary research and naturalistic performances, this unforgettable film from TFF alum Maïwenn (All About Actresses) explores the solidarity that helps hardened vice cops face the worst of society every day. Behind the lens both on-screen and off, Maïwenn is also the actress who plays photographer Melissa, asserting herself as a voyeur into the gritty world of police work, while in turn providing the audience access into a challenging reality.


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French Embassy in the United States


Directed by Maïwenn and Maïwenn

Maïwenn made her directorial debut in 2006 with Forgive Me, which earned her César Award nominations for best first film and most promising actress. Her film All About Actresses (The Actress' Ball) screened at TFF in 2009, and her latest, Polisse, premiered at Cannes.
Director of Photography
Pierre Aïm
Yann Dedet, Laure Gardette
Primary Cast
Karin Viard, Joey Starr, Marina Foïs, Nicholas Duvauchelle, Maïwenn, Karole Rocher, Emmanuelle Bercot, Frederic Pierrot
Maïwenn, Emmanuelle Bercot
Yvan Attal
Stephen Warbeck
Production Designer
Nicolas de Boiscuille


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