Stones in the Sun


World Premiere

USA, Haiti | 95 MINUTES | English, Haitian Creole, French |


In the midst of increasing political violence in their homeland, the lives of three pairs of Haitian refugees intersect in 1980s New York City. A haunted young woman (a powerful Patricia Rhinvil) struggling to forget the atrocities she's experienced reunites with her husband in Brooklyn, where he barely scrapes by as a livery cab driver. A single mother striving for assimilation in a tony Long Island suburb takes in her sister (Edwidge Danticat), a teacher and political activist who is unable to reconcile their violent youth with her sister's seemingly banal lifestyle. And a newly married man (Thierry Saintine), the host of a popular anti-government radio show, finds his estranged father (a recently ousted military leader) on his doorstep, desperate for shelter. Now, they all must confront the disturbing truth of their pasts, as we slowly learn the history of their interlocked lives.

In her impassioned, penetrating feature film debut, Haitian director P. Benoit steers clear of clichés about immigrants and refugees, thoughtfully revealing three stories of damaged love. Authentically tapping into the reality of the unique Haitian-American experience, Benoit sensitively represents the characters' conflicted desire to return to a home that no longer exists.


Co-hosted by:

Cine Institute


Directed by Patricia Benoit, P. Benoit, and P. Benoit

P. Benoit was born in Haiti and lives in New York, where she co-founded the Haitian Women's Program. She has been an artist-in-residence at Ramapo College, a Time Warner Storytelling Fellow, and a recipient of NYF and NYSCA grants and an NBPC award. She has participated in the Sundance directors and screenwriters lab.
Executive Producer
L. Kornhauser
P. Benoit
John Lyons, Soham Mehta
Production Designer
Nadya Gurevich
Dominique Petrot, Jeremy Troy
P. Benoit
Dave Saltzman
Karin Chien, Ben Howe, Mynette Louie
Director of Photography
Eric Lin
Primary Cast
Edwidge Danticat, Michele Marcelin, Carlo Mitton, James Noel, Patricia Rhinvil, Thierry Saintine
Enis Rotthoff
Associate Producer
Thibaut Rigeot, Nicolas Breviere


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LotBo Films
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