The Night of the White Pants

World Premiere

USA | 90 MINUTES | English |


Drugs, trophy wives, a moose head, and a horny bride-to-be all come crashing together in this quirky family dramedy. The plot unfolds in the Hagen mansion on a breezy summer day in Dallas, Texas. CEO and absentee father extraordinaire Max Hagen is lying in bed, quietly contemplating how he managed to sell his multi-million dollar company, lose his HTW (Dallas-speak for "Hot Trophy Wife"), and allow his drug-addled son Millian (pronounced "million") to move back in. By all accounts, Hagen's life is falling to pieces, but when he begrudgingly agrees to meet his successful daughter Beth's (Selma Blair) punk-rock boyfriend Raff (Nick Stahl), his life suddenly takes an enchanting turn for the worse. Over dinner, a high-strung Beth and a high-on-Xanax Millian start a sibling fight in which Millian exposes the fact that Raff is a drug dealer. Before the family even has time to digest this information, Max's latest ex-wife waltzes into the house with an eviction notice. Everyone clears out, leaving Max and Raff to fend for themselves. What follows is an unbelievable evening of robberies, raunchy escapades, and revelations. When the air clears in the morning and Max and Raff are finally released from jail, the two unlikely partners-in-crime are somehow able to face their separate failures together and find strength in each other's shortcomings. The Night of the White Pants combines the tawdry glitz of Dynasty with the zany humor of Arrested Development to create a hilarious and oddly touching homage to dysfunctional families.