Knife Fight
World Premiere

Knife Fight

Special Screenings
| USA | 99 MINUTES | English
Rob Lowe is Paul Turner, a maverick political strategist who can spin even the worst hay into gold. With the help of a bright young assistant and a cynical investigator (played to sleazy perfection by Lowe's The West Wing co-star Richard Schiff), he struggles to keep his wayward clients—a philandering Kentucky governor and a California senator being blackmailed—in office and out of the scandal sheets. When Paul's methods are pushed to the breaking point, he takes a gamble on an unlikely client to prove that, even in the bloodiest of battles, sometimes you have to fight clean.

Julie Bowen, Eric McCormack, Jennifer Morrison, and Carrie-Anne Moss round out the ensemble in this tightly wound dramatic satire from two-time Oscar-winning director and TFF alum Bill Guttentag (Nanking), who developed the story with Democratic political consultant Chris Lehane. Peppered with biting, true-to-life banter and cleverly incorporating the always-on news cycle into this political story for the new century, Knife Fight takes us behind closed doors to show us what our political leaders are really made of.

Join us after this special screening for an extended Q+A about presidential campaigns and how politics are spun with writer/director Bill Guttentag, writer and co-producer Chris Lehane, actor Rob Lowe, and campaign strategist Steve Schmidt. Moderated by MSNBC senior political analyst and co-author of Game Change Mark Halperin.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Bill Guttentag
Bill Guttentag is a two-time Oscar winner whose films include Live!, Nanking, and Soundtrack for a Revolution. He was a creator of the series Law & Order: Crime & Punishment and has received three additional Oscar nominations and a Peabody Award. His first novel, Boulevard, was published in 2010.
Production Designer
Michael Goldman
Robert Dalva
Bill Guttentag
Bill Guttentag
Guerrino De Luca, Catherine Davila, Daniel Davila
Story By
Bill Guttentag, Chris Lehane
Chris Lehane
Executive Producer
Rob Lowe, William Green
Director of Photography
Stephen Kazmierski
Sister Bliss
Primary Cast
Rob Lowe, Jaime Chung, Julie Bowen, Saffron Burrows, David Harbour, Eric McCormack


Rob Lowe

Steve Schmidt

Bill Guttentag

Chris Lehane

Mark Halperin
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Director's Agent
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Domestic Sales Contact
Alexis Garcia
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Technical Contact
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