Dear Talula

World Premiere

USA | 35 MINUTES | English |


Filmmaker Lori Benson is a quintessential downtown New Yorker who was diagnosed with breast cancer just 14 months after the birth of her daughter Talula. With much grace and humor, Benson brings us along as her friends and husband document an emotionally charged year. We thus become part of Benson's inner circle, and are privy to her most intimate thoughts, vulnerabilities, and discoveries. The profound experience makes the filmmaker confront her own mortality, and ultimately strengthens her connection to her true self.


Directed by Lori Benson and Ishai Setton

Lori Benson has been working in the entertainment business since 1989 in various capacities. After graduating from college, she moved from New York to Los Angeles and worked in the feature film world for several years. Benson then moved back to New York and began working in documentary film. This is her first film as a director, and hopefully the last as a subject.