Peace Tree

New York Premiere

Canada | 59 MINUTES | English |


It is often said that we are not born to hate, but are actually taught to fear differences in religion, heritage, and skin color. In The Peace Tree, director Mitra Sen evokes this sentiment through Shazia and Kylie, a 7-year-old Muslim girl and her Christian friend who both agree to celebrate the other's holiday rituals. But as Shazia and her younger sister work day and night on a gift for Kylie's Christmas celebration-a "peace tree" that becomes a powerful symbol for the togetherness of religions, continents, and people-they also butt heads with their mother, who is more than happy to welcome Kylie to their Eid celebration but refuses to allow her daughters to celebrate Christmas out of the fear that they would be turning their backs on their Muslim heritage. This sweet film about the fundamentals of tolerance advances the idea that the world will hopefully become a better place with each new generation.


Directed by Mitra Sen and Ishai Setton

Mitra Sen's first independent production, Just a Little Red Dot, empowers children to challenge racism and shares the message of peace among people of all backgrounds. The film received 12 international awards and has been invited to over 30 film festivals including Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival. Sen is currently in postproduction on a short entitled, A Handful of Rice that she shot in Calcutta. She is also in development on a feature entitled Cinnamon Shades.