North American Premiere


Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| Belgium | 13 MINUTES | Dutch

The night before leaving the parental nest, Fannie revisits key moments in her life through her dreams: when she had to choose between holding on or letting go, the times when she truly felt her heart beat.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Sebastiaan Lagrou and Vincent Coen

Vincent Coen and Sebastiaan Lagrou met while studying directing at the RITS film school in Brussels. Post-graduation they teamed up. With a grant from the VAF (Flemmisch Audio-Visual Fund) they developed their first short feature, Heartbeats.

Nell Skeet
Director of Photography
Gerd Schelfhout
Willem Wallyn
Sound Design
Lleven Callens
Principal Cast
Nona Bal, Ella Bal, Charlotte Timmers, Tom de Wispelaere, Ina Geerts, Hélène Couvert
Art Director
Kurt Rigolle
Tom Kestens


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