Unknown Premiere

Denmark | 101 MINUTES | Spanish |


Lukas is a conscientious objector who delivers meals on wheels as an alternative to military service. Living in similar isolation are his eccentric neighbors, who include an aging prostitute and a crusty war veteran. Most memorably bizarre of all is a man whose apartment is filled with trinkets reflecting his obsession with North Korea, whom Lukas occasionally encounters floating in the river late at night playing "dead man." The protagonist's desolate life changes after he encounters the beautiful, enigmatic Isabella and begins a sporadic romantic relationship with her. He gradually comes to realize she is involved in a troubling relationship with her stepfather, a motivational speaker, and we witness Lukas' transformation from misunderstood admirer to unstable and unpredictable loner. Top prizewinner at the San Sebastian Film Festival, the fourth feature by an extremely talented Georgian emigré working in Germany examines the isolation that people in the West experience from the viewpoint of an outsider -- and it does so with considerable dark humor.