Freeze Frame

World Premiere

U.K. | 98 MINUTES | English |


Is there a way to protect yourself if you ever need an alibi? Would you be willing to enter a self-induced world of catalogued tapes, miniature surveillance cameras, and constant paranoia? That's the life Sean Veil has chosen. Since being a suspect in a heinous triple murder, Sean has videotaped every second of his life, diligently cataloguing every step he takes on tapes he keeps in a cavernous vault. Sean semi-rationally surmises that on the chance he were to be accused again, he would have some insurance. When another murder occurs close to the 10th anniversary of the crime for which he was accused, Sean finds himself in jeopardy again -- the one tape that would prove his innocence is missing. Lee Evans (most famous stateside as Tucker in There's Something About Mary) gives a mind-bending performance sure to surprise many. In a thrilling dramatic turn, he exudes a suspicion and vulnerability that you'll at once relate with and find frightening. In his feature debut, John Simpson proves himself a fresh talent, blending fast-paced excitement and slick production design in this hypnotic crime thriller. Simpson's stop-motion world of cold grays, blacks, blues, steel, and cement evoke true containment: a virtual prison where two-dimensions are safer than three.