The Blue Butterfly

U.S. Premiere

Canada | 97 MINUTES | English |


In this heartwarming tale of redemption inspired by true events, Pete Carlton (Marc Donato) is a 10-year-old insect enthusiast who's been diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live. His last wish is to go into the rainforest with Alan Osbourne (William Hurt), a world-renowned entomologist, to catch the world's most beautiful butterfly, the elusive and awe-inspiring Blue Morpho. With some help from his mother (Pascale Bussieres), Pete convinces the reluctant bug expert to come on board, and together the three head off to fulfill the boy's dream. Along the way, Pete learns many lessons -- for example, that catching the Blue Morpho isn't everything -- and receives one final, miraculous gift from the rainforest, more precious than any butterfly. Shot on location in Costa Rica, The Blue Butterfly treats us to breathtaking shots of the equatorial flora and fauna, and features a characteristically compassionate performance from Hurt.