Tuya's Marriage

North American Premiere

China | 96 MINUTES | Mandarin |


Living on the harsh Mongolian steppe, Tuya is a strong-willed shepherdess with a great deal of spirit, who provides the sole support for her family. Her husband, Bater, is permanently disabled, and with two young children, the physical and emotional demands of Tuya's life have begun to take a toll on her worn body. Diagnosed with a debilitating back injury and faced now facing the cruel reality of paralysis, she reluctantly agrees to divorce her husband so she can marry a man who will support them both. While there is no shortage of suitors, most balk at Tuya's unusual request-understandably. But one man is willing to bear the burden of caring for the couple-Baolier, a seemingly kind and generous former schoolmate who struck gold in the oil industry. However, Baolier's promises go unfulfilled, and his true intentions are revealed when he convinces Tuya to leave Bater to run a state run nursing facility. In the calamitous events that follow, Tuya never loses her resilience, even in the face of great adversity. Her determination to keep her family together leads her to lean on her neighbor, the unhappily married Sen'ge, for support; he provides Tuya with the most sincere and noble of friendships. Set against the backdrop of the dramatically sparse Mongolian steppe and a series of rich contrasting and colorful interiors, Tuya's Marriage is an extraordinary tale about the complexities of love and loyalty, and the wonders of friendship and family. This heartwarming film won the Golden Bear at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival.