Rise: Blood Hunter

World Premiere

USA | 94 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Crime, Horror, Thriller

In this vampire-noir, an investigative reporter named Sadie (Lucy Liu), finds herself in the thick of a cult luring young L.A. hipsters. When she gets in too deep, she falls prey to the leader, Bishop (James D'Arcy), and suddenly, one night, awakens in the morgue. Lost and confused, Sadie takes a look in the mirror, only to realize she has become one of them-a vampire. On a hunt for revenge, she roams the dark alleys and streets, feeling a hunger growing within her and struggling against the temptation to feed on innocent people. With a special bow and arrow, she pursues Bishop, killing the members of his clan one by one. Detective Rawlins (Michael Chiklis) is also seeking vengeance against the cult, his daughter having fallen victim to Bishop's lure. He crosses Sadie's path, and they join forces when they realize they have the same mission. The two make a deal: after Sadie kills Bishop, Rawlins must kill her. With a supporting cast that includes Carla Cugino, Robert Forster, Marilyn Manson and Nick Lachey, Rise: Blood Hunter is a captivating, original thriller that eschews "vampire movie" clichés. Writer-director Sebastian Gutierrez, whose screenplay credits include Gothika, The Eye remake and last year's Snakes on a Plane, doesn't rely on special effects or cheap scare tactics to drive the film. His stylized vision, incorporating Oscar®-winning John Toll's haunting cinematography, carries the story and infuses this striking tale with fast-paced action and thrilling suspense.