World Premiere

Puerto Rico | 83 MINUTES | Spanish |


Drama, Comedy

"Your actions are guided by passion and not by reason," counsels a priest when a man desperate to get married holds a busload of passengers hostage. It's a mantra that resonates through all three stories braided together by director Carlitos Ruiz Ruiz and co-director Mariem Perez in this melancholy comedy about the ironies of love. In one, 70-year-old Flora (Silvia Brito) becomes the object of competing affections when the man who abandoned her long ago comes to stay in the house she shares with her ex-husband (Chavito Marrero). Fueled by alcohol and adolescent-like libido, the situation quickly becomes complicated by the past and the fears of a limited future. In another, a family funeral serves as the setting for loss, first love and accidental revelations of unfaithfulness as Lourdes (Theresa Hernández) discovers her husband (Luis Guzmán) has been having an affair-with her own cousin Tati (Ednali Figueroa). When Lourdes speeds off to confront Tati, her husband is left to contemplate the judgment of his young son, Ismaelito (Fernando Tarazzo). And in the third tale, Miguel (Luis Gonzaga), aboard a bus, must contend with the media, his mother and his own obsessive nature as he presents the woman of his dreams with a desperate proposal. This charming debut, executive produced by Benicio del Toro, shows Ruiz's colorful characters as they stumble into each other's lives in the backyards of Puerto Rico, all driven by a selfish search for love, but connected to one another through the past, and through hope for the future. Ruiz and Jorge Gonzales's script playfully connects all the stories with the help of an engaging, lively cast.