Sex Life of Robots- The Teaser

World Premiere

USA | 2 MINUTES | English |


Romance is swept aside by the mechanical imperative to inject robot sperm into robot egg in this two-minute teaser of The Sex Life of Robots. Lascivious machinery and a larger-than-life Deborah Harry robot drives this one-note plot to its inevitable climax.


Directed by Frazer Pennebaker and Mike Sullivan

After directing underground 16mm movies, and shooting photo-novellas for the National Lampoon, Sullivan was cast in Bob Downey's Greasers Palace (1972) as the infamous Lamy 'Homo' Greaser. For more than thirty years he has worked for various studios as an animator, prop fabricator, and lighting designer. Along with Peter Wallach, he worked on the Transformers television show, Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" video (1986), Star Trek V (1989), and The Bear In The Big Blue House (1997). Michael also made roach parts for Joe's Apartment (1999), and art directed a zillion mind- numbing commercials. Frazzled by the mercurial world of mainstream advertising, Sullivan was driven nuts enough to hole up at home with an ancient rack-over Mitchell camera and crank out a doomed robot planet movie, which quickly degenerated into the sticky epic Sex Life of Robots.