Shorts: Experimental Collisions

Unknown Premiere

(none) | 93 MINUTES | English |


The 10 experimental films in this program portray locales found in both natural and urban landscapes across three continents. A few of these artist-filmmakers literally embed the earth (soil and mud) into the fabric of the celluloid. Moreover, they portray these environments with a riveting array of avant-garde techniques that range from mirror images to extended tracking shots leading directly into the mind's eye. They further infuse these found footage, animation, and live action experimental films with dynamic editing rhythms that radically reshape the viewer's perception of reality, leading to Rorschach-like impressions. In experimental cinema, everything culminates in abstract patterns ingrained in the landscape of the film frame.

Films include: Grandmother’s Eye, Release, Walkway, Lachen Verlernt, This disk is the same as the other one, Collision of Parts, Berlin, The Delicate Art of the Bludgeon, BLACK WHITE BLACK WHITE, and The Visible and Invisible of a Body Under Tension.