Greetings from Tim Buckley


US Premiere

USA | 100 MINUTES | English | English subtitles


“Like father, like son” is a demanding expression for someone who never knew his dad. When young Jeff Buckley is asked to participate in a tribute concert for his late musician father, Tim, music opens his eyes to the artistic legacy that he is destined to follow. Neither inspiration nor forgiveness comes easy, but young intern Allie gives him a hand to hold along the way. Director Daniel Algrant creates a harmony between the characters that maintains a balanced energy and aesthetic between the decades of father and son in this quiet and powerful tribute to those legends sustained by admiration, love and, in this case, beautiful music.

Rising star Imogen Poots adds a wonderful depth and tenderness to the film, while Penn Badgley completely transforms himself into young Jeff. For those used to seeing a different sort of leading man in him, it will not take long to be surprised and delighted. His impressive and singular a cappella rendition of a Led Zeppelin tune is not to be missed.

—Ashley Havey

*NOTE: April 23, 2013 screening is exclusively for American Express® Cardmembers


Directed by Daniel Algrant

DANIEL ALGRANT is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities and currently serves as co-chair of the Independent Director's Committee of the Directors Guild of America East. He has previously directed the features Naked in New York and People I Know, HBO’s Sex and the City and several award-winning shorts.
Daniel Algrant
Daniel Algrant, David Brendel and Emma Sheanshang
Patrick Milling Smith, John Hart, Frederick Zollo, Amy Nauiokas
Bill Pankow
Andrij Parekh
Executive Producer
Ben Limberg, Brian Carmody, Jill Footlick, Colin Corgan, Jill Furman
Penn Badgley, Imogen Poots, Norbert Leo Butz, Ben Rosenfeld, Isabelle McNally, Kate Nash


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