World Documentary Competition

World Premiere

U.K. | 97 MINUTES | English, French, Swahili | English subtitles


Documentary, First Time Filmmaker
Virunga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Africa’s oldest national park, a UNESCO world heritage site, and a contested ground among insurgencies seeking to topple the government that see untold profits in the land. Among this ongoing power struggle, Virunga also happens to be the last natural habitat for the critically endangered mountain gorilla. The only thing standing in the way of the forces closing in around the gorillas: a handful of passionate park rangers and journalists fighting to secure the park’s borders and expose the corruption of its enemies. Filled with shocking footage, and anchored by the surprisingly deep and gentle characters of the gorillas themselves, Virunga is a galvanizing call to action around an ongoing political and environmental crisis in the Congo.

-Cara Cusumano


Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel

With his documentaries spanning Africa, Asia, America, and the Arctic, winning numerous awards, screening at the world’s top film festivals and encompassing everything from a skateboard school in Kabul to the tracking and arrest of pirates in West Africa, Orlando von Einsiedel’s filmography thus far is genuinely impressive. Virunga is his first feature.
Orlando von Einsiedel
Orlando von Einsiedel
Orlando von Einsiedel, Joanna Natasegara
Masahiro Hirakubo
Franklin Dow, Orlando von Einsiedel
Executive Producer
Howard G. Buffett, CEO Howard G Buffett Foundation, Jon Drever, Maxyne Franklin, Jess Search
Patrick Jonsson
Impact Producer
Joanna Natasegara
Assistant Producer
Patrick Vernon


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