#AMFAD: All My Friends Are Dead
World Premiere

#AMFAD: All My Friends Are Dead

Escape from Tribeca
Feature | United States | 91 MINUTES | English
Horror, Thriller

It should be the best party of the year: Karmapalooza, a massive music festival. When a group of college friends score tickets to the event, they set out on a road trip, packed into a minivan stashed with all the booze and weed they need. But a vehicular mishap forces them to spend the night inside an isolated Airbnb, which seems cool enough — after all, where better to party hard than in someone else’s house? Not so fast. Being stuck indoors together causes their internal rifts and shared past to surface. Even worse, an uninvited guest joins the party and decides they need to pay for their transgressions by murdering them in extremely gory ways tied to their specific sins. 

Full of energy and sharp, biting personality, AMFAD injects a heavy dose of blood red, cannabis-flavored bubblegum into slasher horror. Directed by Saw franchise veteran Marcus Dunstan, this playful whodunit utilizes the classic franchise’s kinetic energy and brutality while mixing in giallo-minded visual flourishes and a wicked sense of humor. Led by a vibrant and young cast, including Jade Pettyjohn and Jojo Siwa, it’s a killer cinematic party.––Matt Barone

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Marcus Dunstan
Marcus Dunstan
John Baldecci, Sarah Donnelly, Kirk Shaw, Stephanie Rennie
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Erick Opeka
Josh Sims, Jessica Sarah Flaum
Andy Hodgson
Paul Michael Thomas
Andrew Coutts
Executive Producer
Dominic Ianno, Doug Barry, Chris McGurk, Yolanda Macias, Brad Miska, Dan Rubin, Steven Shapiro, Clay Epstein, Suraj Gohill, Jason Resnick, Marcus Dunstan Patrick Melton, Kevin Greutert
Associate Producer
Joe Gold
Jessica Schwartz
Casting Director - U.S.
Alexandra Neidt
Casting Director - Canada
Judy Lee
Post Production Supervisor
Gary Porter
Jade Pettyjohn, Jojo Siwa, Jennifer Ens, Ali Fumiko Whitney, Michaella Russell, Julian Haig, Justin Derickson, Cardi Wong, Jack Doupe-Smith

Press Contact
Katrina Wan
Katrina Wan PR
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: 323 240 9996
Print Source
David Ehrlich
Phone: 424 281 5408
Print Source
Danielle Canepa
Los Angeles, 91364
Phone: 646 921 0594
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