World Premiere

FEATURE | Canada, Philippines | 99 MINUTES | Tagalog | English subtitles


Comedy, Drama, Environmental, Romance, Politics

Jaya is a non-binary teacher whose career as a comedian hosting a late-night television show ended due to a natural disaster that devastated the Philippines. Picking up the pieces in their life, Jaya decides to travel across the country in hopes of winning a beauty pageant and the prize money that comes with it. But before they can leave, a chance encounter with Arnel, a student going the same way in search of family, complicates their solitary plans. As they travel seemingly countless miles together on foot, bike, and boat, the unlikely duo find themselves forever changed by each other and those they encounter on their journey.

Flipping the conventions of the road movie on its head, Asog is a stunning and profound ode to the power of solidarity amidst struggle. This one-of-a-kind film plays with the line between narrative and documentary to become something entirely new. Combining necessary commentary on colonialism, transphobia, and climate change with a rich allegory that incorporates Filipino mythology and history, co-writer and director Seán Devlin has crafted a monument of trans cinema.––Cyrus Cohen

"Asog is the film we need right now. It is full of such passion and urgency and humour and love that it gurgles out of the screen and into your soul. I’m honoured to be an executive producer as I want every single person I know and many, many I don’t to see this thing of scarred beauty and queer, savage joy."

Alan Cumming, Executive Producer

"When I first saw Asog I was floored by the world the film took me into, the depth of the artistry, and the feelings I experienced for characters on the other side of the planet. ASOG is a special movie and Seán is a uniquely original filmmaker."

Adam McKay, Executive Producer

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Sun June 11 - 5:45 PM

Tue June 13 - 8:45 PM

Sat June 17 - 2:45 PM

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Directed by Seán Devlin

Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Adam McKay, Alan Cumming, Joel Kim Booster, Matthew Krysko, Cecilia R. Mejia
Seán Devlin 叶 世民
Amanda Ernst, Seán Devlin 叶 世民
Seán Devlin 叶 世民, Jaya, Arnel Pablo
Anna MacDonald
Emmett Hall
Yap Sei-Been
Executive Producer
Cecilia R. Mejia
Associate Producer
Marissa Cabaljao, Randal Kamradt, Jeff Lee Petry, Jason Sulyma, Chris Dzaka
Jaya, Arnel Pablo, Ricky Gacho Jr.


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