Award Screening: Audience Award - Narrative Second Place

Award Screening: Audience Award - Narrative Second Place

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Feature | 90 MINUTES

Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying

After their friend and former co-worker Wes Schlagenhauf contracts COVID-19, aspiring filmmakers Parker Seaman and Devin Das decide that the best gift for their ailing pal would be a personalized video message from Mark Duplass. But when this present ignites an artistic fire in the two of them, a selfless act becomes a potential source of money and fame. Setting off on a road trip to Wes’ Idaho home with nothing but a cheap camera, some aesthetically appealing maps, and a van that reminds them of Little Miss Sunshine, Parker and Dev decide to make the next great American indie on the way. 

Heartfelt, hilarious, self-aware, & timely, Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Featuring committed performances by its three leads and a scene-stealing D’Arcy Carden, this DIY effort is a COVID movie that stresses the importance of laughter amidst crisis and chaos.--Cara Cusumano


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