Award Screening: Best Screenplay in a U.S. Narrative Feature

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Smoking Tigers

Staggered by the separation of her parents, a Korean-American girl struggles to find herself. Caught between supporting both parents in their work while longing for their old life together and burdened by the responsibility of a younger sibling, few things seem to be falling into place. Upon starting a new year of high school among wealthy elites, she also has to balance the duality of her new friends and low-income reality. 

A selection from Tribeca’s Untold Stories collection in 2022, So Young Shelly Yo marks her feature directorial debut with this film about traversing the demands of being a young, first-generation American grappling with teenage angst while lifting up the family members struggling (and at times flailing) around you. The intimacy of parent-child relationships and friendships between young women grab the audience's attention and subvert expectations around what it means to support one another through many lenses.––Casey Baron

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Sun June 18 - 12:30 PM

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