Blind Ambition

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Joseph, Tinashe, Marlvin and Pardon are part of a wave of Zimbabweans who left their economically-hit homeland for a better life elsewhere. After their perilous journeys they arrive in South Africa, eventually get jobs in restaurants, gain interest in the intricacies of wine, become sommeliers, meet and bond with one another, and are encouraged to form the first-ever Zimbabwe team to compete in The World Wine Blind Tasting Championships—the Olympics of the wine world. Blind Ambition follows their ambitious path to their unlikely spot in this annual competition held in France and primarily made up of western European teams, where they must sample twelve different wines and guess the country, winery and vintage—a challenge for any oenologist. Their sampling skills take them a long way, but it is their connection to their country, underscored by the comments and encouragement of parents, grandparents and children they left back home that provide the motivation and backbone. An Olympian story that Bacchus would approve, Blind Ambition is an inspiring, robust look at four committed men facing tough competition with an undaunting vision and mission that goes beyond winning medals.

—Brian Gordon

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Directed by Warwick Ross and Rob Coe

Warwick Ross and Rob Coe are both Australian producers, directors, and writers. Ross is best known for the award-winning feature documentary Red Obsession and the comedy Young Einstein. Coe was an executive producer for Red Obsession and a producer for Beast.

Robert Coe, Warwick Ross
Warwick Ross, Robert Coe
Warwick Ross, Robert Coe, Paul Murphy, Madeleine Ross
Scott Munro, Martin McGrath
Paul Murphy


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