Checkpoint Zoo
World Premiere

Checkpoint Zoo

Documentary Competition
Feature | United States, Ukraine | 103 MINUTES | English, Russian, Ukrainian | English subtitles

In the early days of the Ukraine-Russian war, the Feldman Ecopark, a beloved animal refuge in Ukraine's second largest city, found itself caught in the crossfire. With the invading Russian army on one side and the Ukrainian front line on the other, thousands of animals were left trapped with little food and water. Against all odds, a courageous team of zookeepers and volunteers risked their lives to embark on a seemingly impossible mission: bringing these innocent creatures to safety.

Set against the unique backdrop of the Ukraine war, Checkpoint Zoo offers a fresh perspective on the unintended victims of human conflict. Through the eyes of these trapped animals, the film examines the heartbreaking consequences of war while celebrating the extraordinary bravery and compassion of those who fought to save them. With gripping interviews and powerful footage captured by the participants themselves, this documentary sheds light on an often overlooked aspect of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, reminding us of the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to abandon hope in the face of unimaginable adversity.––Jarod Neece

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Joshua Zeman
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Caitlin Colford
Joshua Zeman
Joshua Zeman, Zachary Mortensen, Ian Davies, Torquil Jones
Joshua Zeman
Nelson Hume, Olivier Sarbil
Anne Nikitin
Cy Christiansen, Andrew Ford, Kelly Kendrick, Daniel Lonsbury
Executive Producer
Shawn Singh, Barry Smith, Catherine Quantschnigg, Gabriel Clarke, John McKenna, Caitlin Colford
Associate Producer
Adrianne Owings, Maricela Olivo
Emma Masdeu-Perez
Oleksandr Feldman, Vadym Vorotynskyy, Vitalii Ilchenko, Svitlana Vyshnevetska, Andrii Tyvaniuk, Vitalii Sevelin

Press Contact
Emma Beidler
Falco Ink
New York, NY 100019
Phone: (+1) 212-445-7100
Print Source
Ghost Robot Ghost Robot
Ghost Robot
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 212-343-0900
International Sales Contact
Travis Tammero
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: 424 258 2425
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