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Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Thriller, Expressions of Black Freedom

Aspiring singer Jodi Jackson (Tony nominee Hailey Kilgore) has a big voice and dreams to match but struggles to make ends meet as a gas station attendant whose boss (Damon Wayans) may not be on the up and up. Enter charming small-time crook Eddie (David Iacono). He would do anything to make her dreams come true. The two lovers hatch a plan to change their lives, but as the old proverb goes, “We plan, God laughs.” What follows is a journey in which they both must use their wits to survive.

Reminiscent of ‘70s blaxploitation films, with an outstandingly menacing performance from the genre’s queen, Pam Grier, this directorial debut from Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. is a superfly thriller filled with intrigue, music, and a whole lot of heart.––Faridah Gbadamosi

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Directed by Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr.

Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr.
Oz Scott, Kevin Garnett
Additional Executive Producers
Michael D. Jones, Kevin Garnett, Brian Bennett, Mike Marangu, Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr.
Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr.
Ayinde Anderson
Josh Porro
Damon Wayans, Hailey Kilgore, David Iacono, Jeremie Harris, and Pam Grier


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