Come Down Molly


World Premiere

USA | 81 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Comedy, Relationships, NY Director(s)
New mother Molly (Eléonore Hendricks) is overcome with the need to run away. Feeling abandoned by her husband and unable to connect with her infant son, she takes up an invitation from her old high school group of guy friends to go on a weekend trip to the mountains. Without the pressure of daily responsibilities and with the help of psychoactive mushrooms, Molly comes out of her shell and is ready to accept the beauty and love that can be found in nature. When Molly's “trip” turns into a dark out-of-body experience she is forced to choose between the person she was and the person she's become.

At its heart this is a film about reconnecting with one’s vibrant carefree nature and finding personal satisfaction in life. But it also delves into more complex themes like the various meanings of individuality, responsibility, and societal pressures assigned to mothers. When given the opportunity to connect on deeper levels of understanding, the group forges new ties and breaks through constructed walls to find they have a lot more in common than initially expected. Come Down Molly is a comedy about friendship, growing older, and psychedelic drugs.

—Mallory Lance


Directed by Gregory Kohn

Gregory Kohn’s first feature, Northeast, was an official selection of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Kohn has also directed multiple music videos and worked for the television channels ID, Oxygen, The Travel Channel and MTV. Come Down Molly is Kohn’s second feature.
Gregory Kohn
Gregory Kohn
Jane Houle, Gregory Kohn, George Manatos, Mara Auster, Chris Mosson
George Manatos, William Lehman
Chris Mosson
Executive Producer
Nancy Schafer
Matthew Cooper
Eléonore Hendricks, Kentucker Audley, Lindsay Burdge, Jason Shelton, John Anderson, Jason Selvig


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