Confessions of a Serial Movie Poster Collector

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For the past near half century, Dwight Cleveland has searched the globe for the most exciting and graphically dynamic movie posters representing the biggest films and stars. He will share with you collecting strategies and try to convince you that film posters are art forms unto themselves beyond their utilitarian purpose of advertising a movie.

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Dwight  Cleveland

Dwight Cleveland

Dwight Clevelandhas been an advocate for the art form of movie posters since shortly after starting collecting in 1977 when he published the first cover article on the subject matter in The Antique Trader in 1981 while a junior at Columbia College. Since then he has been involved in many lending and gifting endeavors and launched the first major museum exhibition on film posters. His personal collection was shown at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach in 2019 and a subsection highlighting Underrepresented Communities (especially women) was at Poster House here in New York in 2021. This was the first time Women Behind the Camera have been recognized by any film related arts institution. Dwight was named an Associate Visual Cultural Curator at Dartmouth when he donated 10,000 silent lobby cards to the Media Ecology Project, an Artificial Intelligence effort that will revolutionize film scholarship. Dwight also published a book with Assouline in 2019 that focuses on artwork rather than film significance, broadening the platform for acceptance of film posters by fine art institutions. He is currently working on retrospectives of Anna May Wong and Maria Félix.