The Courtroom

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FEATURE | United States | 87 MINUTES | English |



In this powerful drama from director Lee Sunday Evans and writer (and Succession breakout star) Arian Moayed, the legal thriller is given a bold and innovative new twist. Adapted verbatim from court transcripts, The Courtroom follows the harrowing journey of Elizabeth Keathley (Kristin Villanueva) a Filipina immigrant who mistakenly registers to vote while on a K3 visa, a crime punishable by deportation. Married with a newborn baby, Elizabeth, with the support of her husband and the tireless efforts of their lawyer, struggles to navigate an increasingly convoluted and nightmarish legal system.

Originally presented as a critically-acclaimed off-Broadway play, The Courtroom successfully captures the intensity and intimacy of live theater while also feeling undeniably cinematic. Audiences are thrown directly into Elizabeth’s story and through fluid, immersive direction and striking set design, experience her terror and desperation right alongside her. Evans and Moayed’s fascinating experiment with dramatic reenactment and hybrid storytelling is anchored by standout performances from an accomplished cast of actors - including BD Wong in a moving third act appearance - who bring genuine nuance and emotional heft to an already gripping true story.--Saidah Russell


Directed by Lee Evans

Associate Producer
Rebecca Choi
Executive Producer
Anne Carey, Ryan Chanatry, Gena Konstantinakos, Lee Sunday Evans, Arian Moayed
Daniel Kluger
Cecilia Delgado
Daisy Zhou
Lee Sunday Evans
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Lee Sunday Evans, Arian Moayed, Ryan Chanatry, Gena Konstantinakos, Anne Carey
Damon Owlia, Jonathan Olson
Arian Moayed
Marsha Stephanie Blake, Michael Braun, Kathleen Chalfant, Hanna Cheek, Michael Chernus, Michael Bryan French, Mick Hilgers, Linda Powell, Kristin Villanueva, BD Wong