Crown Vic

World Premiere

USA | 110 MINUTES | English |


Action, Drama, Thriller
Crown Vic follows two police officers (Thomas Jane and Luke Kleintank) at opposite ends of their career over the course of a single, tumultuous night in the Olympic Division of Los Angeles. A rookie looking to escape from the shadow of his father finds his first patrol spiraling towards a search for a missing girl and a violent hunt for two cop killers on the loose. A squad car becomes a home to the musings of the rookie and his older partner as they chase down a motley crew of increasingly aggressive suspects, roaming their patrol zone, looking for trouble.

The orange-bathed streets of LA play foil to grounded, naturalistic performances from Jane and Kleintank. Contrasting scenes of pulsating violence, Crown Vic is a wild ride of a thriller that wrestles with the grey area between justice and law.

—Joe Yanick