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New York, Comedy, Romance

Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of New York City, a city that doesn't sleep but sleeps around a lot, a land of the best pizza in the world and crowded subways, two single millennials Milo (Jaboukie Young-White) and Wendy (Francesca Reale) find each other through the Meet Cute dating app. After a one-night stand, the magic of New York brings them back together, and they draw up a “Best Friends With Benefits” contract to avoid the pitfalls of a relationship. Will friendship and sex mix without any complications? With the help of Cole the Doorman (Jerry Ferrara) and their friends Hank (Brian Muller) and Jessie (Catherine Cohen) who are also dealing with their own complications of a new relationship, Milo and Wendy just might find what they’re looking for.

Jonah Feingold’s funny endearing romantic comedy shines a light on the charming Young-White best known for The Daily Show. Rife with fast paced conversations in the style of a 50s Doris Day-Rock Hudson romantic comedy, yet inverting traditional gender roles, Dating & New York is sure to appeal to a tech hip audience. —Judd Taylor

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Directed by Jonah Feingold

Jonah Feingold was born and raised in New York. He had a camera in his hands as soon as he could hold one and When Harry Met Sally on repeat. He directed a variety of shorts including the viral film Bangarang and Maybe: Josh.

Jonah Feingold
Joaquin Acrich
Jonah Feingold
Maria Rusche
Grant Fonda
Hanna Park
Executive Producer
Spencer Barkoff, Mason Novick, Sam Weinstein, Tracy Kopulsky, Matthew Lev
Katie Schiller, Kieran Altmann
Add'l Credit 1
Michelle J. Li
Add'l Credit 2
Gustavo Rosa
Add'l Credit 3
Chelsea Ellis Bloch, Marisol Roncali
Jaboukie Young-White, Francesca Reale, Catherine Cohen, Brian Muller, Jerry Ferrara, Sohina Sidhu, Eva Victor, Arturo Castro, Taylor Hill, Alex Moffat, Hallie Samuels, Yedoye Travis, Sondra James


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