Deep Sea


North American Premiere

FEATURE | China | 112 MINUTES | Mandarin | English subtitles



Written and directed by Xiaopeng Tian, whose film Monkey King: Hero Is Back broke Chinese box-office records, Deep Sea stuns with cutting-edge 3D animation showcasing an innovative, painterly style inspired by classical Chinese ink brush art. Visually lush, the psychedelic, underwater world swirls around the sadness of a little girl, Shenxiu (Wang Ting Wen), who longs to connect with her absent mother. As she journeys to the bottom of the ocean, Shenxiu befriends a mythical multi-eyed blob of a sea-creature, the Hyjinx, and a fast-talking rogue of a chef, Nanhe (Su Xin), who turns out to have a heart of gold.

The multi-layered story tackles loss and depression in the form of the feared Red Phantom and counterpoints its serious themes with cute baby otter waiters serving over-indulged fishy customers and chubby, determined walruses mad-pedaling Nanhe’s ramshackle cruise-ship-restaurant into the eye of the Deep Sea. The kaleidoscope of grief, hope, sacrifice, and survival all come together in a cascading explosion of color and sound.––Simone Ling

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Fri June 09 - 6:00 PM

Sat June 10 - 2:15 PM

Sun June 18 - 9:15 PM

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Directed by Xiaopeng Tian

Xiaopeng TIAN
Qiao YI, Jing WANG, Yunyun WEI
Xiaopeng TIAN
Mazhiyuan CHENG
Peng DOU
Aner LIN
Executive Producer
Linlin CAO, Wang REN
Tingwen WANG, Xin SU, Kuixing TENG, Ting YANG, Jing JI, Taochen FANG


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