Escape From Tribeca: Final Cut


New York Premiere

FEATURE | France | 111 MINUTES |


Horror, Comedy

As if independent filmmaking isn’t tough enough, the ragtag crew of a lo-fi French zombie film suddenly comes up against something scarier than any production company interference or budget constraints: real, ready-to-eat-you zombies. Now having to contend with both a rigorous shoot and the actual living dead being resurrected after they unknowingly betray a local taboo, the filmmakers enter into a bloody, unruly fight for their lives — one that’s more off-kilter than your typical zombie survival story.

In making Final Cut, Academy Award® winner Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) took on a wildly ambitious challenge: remake the brilliant and widely adored 2017 Japanese zombie-comedy One Cut of the Dead for genre fans ready to crucify any remake of a popular film, let alone one that’s barely more than five years old. Let’s give the man his flowers, folks. Capturing the original’s fun-loving spirit and smartly adding his own touches, Hazanavicius has delivered a fun-as-hell horror-comedy that celebrates both family and indie filmmaking as much as it subverts zombie cinema (if such a thing is possible!).––Matt Barone

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Directed by Michel Hazanavicius

Michel Hazanavicius
Michel Hazanavicius; Alain de la Mata; Noémie Devide; Brahim Chioua; Vincent Maraval; John Penotti
Michel Hazanavicius
Bérénice Bejo; Romain Duris