Esther In Wonderland


World Premiere

SHORT | United States, Switzerland | 13 MINUTES | English, Yiddish |


New York, Women, Dance, Drama, Politics

Drawn to the expressiveness of hip hop and breakdance, Esther (Naian González Norvind) tests the boundaries of her restricted existence as a young married woman in a Hasidic community in 1990s Crown Heights.

Playing in: Shorts: New York, New York 2021

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Directed by Stephanie Bollag

Stephanie Bollag is an award-winning filmmaker from Zurich, Switzerland based in New York. She holds a master’s degree in directing and writing from New York University and previously wrote, directed, and produced films across Europe and Israel. Bollag’s first feature-length film, an expansion of Esther In Wonderland, is currently in development.

Stephanie Bollag
Stephanie Bollag, Yves Kugelmann, Kim Dang
Stephanie Bollag, Lily Lyor Askenazi
Zamarin Wahdat
Shruti Kumar
Adam Chitayat
Executive Producer
Anette Rothschild
Yansen Abreu
Consulting Producer
Lia Mayer-Sommer
Production Company
JM Jüdische Medien AG, Walter Pictures
Naian González Norvind, Martha Bernabel, Sawandi Wilson, Pesach Eisen, Odylle Beder, Jennifer Acosta, Nadjaya Delgado, Samantha Dunn


International Sales Contact
Stephanie Bollag
Stephanie Bollag Productions
Zurich, 8700
Phone: 917 794 6656
US Sales Contact
Stephanie Bollag
Stephanie Bollag Productions
Zurich, 8700
Phone: 917 794 6656
Press Contact
Rosa Farfan
Tribeca Festival
New York City, 10013
Print Source
Adam Chitayat
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Phone: 631 418 4689