Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive


World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 99 MINUTES | English |


Women, Music, Biography, Expressions of Black Freedom

Gloria Gaynor forever cemented her place in popular culture with the disco classic “I Will Survive”. In the four decades since, her career has been stalled by health issues, as well as abuse and mismanagement from her now ex-husband. Yet in keeping with the title of her most famous song, Gaynor struggles onward as she works to release a new gospel album in her seventies.

This documentary recounts Gloria Gaynor’s life while also chronicling her comeback journey. It is both a moving story of an artist’s resilience and a scintillating peak at the machinations of the music industry. The support Gaynor receives from her manager Stephanie Gold and other industry professionals paints a rarely seen picture of comradeship in a professional sphere normally defined by its cutthroat nature. Such kindness may bring a tear to many eyes, but Gaynor’s beautiful voice running through the film guarantees it.––Cara Cusumano

After the Premiere: A performance by the one and only Gloria Gaynor.

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Directed by Betsy Schechter

Betsy Schechter
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Carol Chirmside, Gloria Gaynor, Betsy Schechter, Michael Schechter, Pippa Lambert
Betsy Schechter, David Zieff, Kieran Healy


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