The Graduates

US Narrative Competition

World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 87 MINUTES | English |



Genevieve (Mina Sundwall) is up against an unsettling senior year as she faces the one-year mark of a tragic school shooting that took her boyfriend. What should be a time of growth, anticipation, and pride is marred with trauma and loss that feels like purgatory rather than progress. As she gets closer to graduation, decisions seem impotent. That feeling is collectively shared by her friend Ben (Alex R. Hibbert) who transferred schools, her mother (Maria Dizzia) and the school basketball coach, heartbreakingly played by John Cho.

In her feature directorial debut, Hannah Peterson captures the somber and vulnerable feeling of a community coping with loss. Employing assured filmmaking , Peterson is able to sit in melancholy, discomfort, and senselessness while still maintaining hope. Executive produced by Chloé Zhao, the film ushers in new talent with a similar skill of capturing contemplation.––Nora Bernard

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Directed by Hannah Peterson

Hannah Peterson
Josh Peters, Saba Zerehi, Taylor Shung, Jessamine Burgum
Hannah Peterson
Carolina Costa
Hannah Peterson
Andrew Orkin
Executive Producer
Chloé Zhao, Kara Durrett, John Cho, Meena Harris, Juliet Liu
Adam Malkin
Mina Sundwall, Alex Hibbert, Yasmeen Fletcher, Ewan Manley, John Cho, Maria Dizzia, Kelly O'Sullivan


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