The Happy Film

Documentary Competition

World Premiere

USA | 95 MINUTES | English |


Documentary, NY Director(s)
New York designer Stefan Sagmeister lives in the city of his dreams, and creates work for the likes of the Rolling Stones and Jay-Z. Business is good, creative juices are flowing, and yet he suspects there must be more to life. Sagmeister takes on the daunting project of changing his personality by trying to figure out the causes of happiness. On the advice of a trusted psychologist Sagmeister experiments with three different approaches: meditation, therapy, and drugs. The Happy Film follows his pursuit, and all that he encounters along the way: joy, ecstasy, heartbreak, change, love, and death. Sagmeister accents his quest with a whimsical panoply of graphics, charts, and proverbs that illustrate his curious and adventurous spirit. The Happy Film is not guaranteed to make you happier, but Sagmeister's journey will surely move you to reexamine your own pursuit of happiness.

—Brian Gordon


Directed by Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Nabors, and Hillman Curtis

NYC-based filmmaker Ben Nabors founded of production studio, Group Theory. His debut film William and the Windmill won the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW. Hillman Curtis was a filmmaker, new media designer, author, husband and father. He passed away in April of 2012. Stefan Sagmeister has designed graphics for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones and the Guggenheim Museum. The Happy Film is his first film.
Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Nabors, Hillman Curtis
Ben Nabors
Sam Citron, Akiko Iwakawa-Grieve
Ben Wolf
Colin Huebert (Siskiyou)
Additional Music
Matt Abeysekera
Graphics By
Sagmeister & Walsh, New York
Stefan Sagmeister, Jonathan Haidt, Sheenah Hankin, Hillman Curtis, Jessica Walsh, Ben Nabors


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