The Last Goodbye


World Premiere

USA | 20 MINUTES | English |


In July of 2016, Holocaust survivor Pinchas Gutter toured the Majdanek Concentration Camp in what he vowed would be his final visit. By marrying a stereo video capture of Pinchas within a photoreal roomscale experience, The Last Goodbye reaches profound levels of immersion in service of the first ever VR testimony that will be archived and preserved. The importance of listening to Pinchas’ story is more important now than ever and this is also a beautiful testament to love, compassion and the human spirit.

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Directed by Gabo Arora and Ari Palitz

Ari Palitz is a longtime collaborator of Here Be Dragons. He has also produced series for NASA, a trio of shorts for the 2012 Oscars®, directed by Bennett Miller, and Hank: Five Years From The Brink. Gabo Arora is an award-winning filmmaker represented by Here Be Dragons.
Project Creators
Gabo Arora, Ari Palitz
Key Collaborators
Stephen Smith, Tim Dillon, Jonathan Dotan, Patrick Milling Smith, Samantha Storr, Chris Milk, Dražen Bošnjak, David Korins
Pinchas Gutter


Project Contact
Catherine Waage
Here Be Dragons
Hollywood, 90038
Phone: 323 817 3300
Press Contact
Jessie Cohen
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: +1 415 623 0150