Let the Canary Sing


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Cyndi Lauper anxiously rides in the backseat of a car stuck in New York City traffic. In her distinctively thick New York accent, she reflects on her career, saying “I didn’t want anyone to tell me what I could and couldn’t do.” On her longevity and unique ability to adapt to shifting social trends, she says “I never think of it as reinvention. I want to learn.” 


Alison Ellwood’s spirited documentary Let the Canary Sing takes the audience on a nostalgic exploration of the life and career of legendary pop icon Cyndi Lauper, with a boisterous narrative anchored by the inimitable Lauper herself. The film traverses her upbringing in a lower-class Queens neighborhood through her rebellious youth pushing back against intolerance, all the way to her meteoric rise in the music scene crafting classic songs that are vibrant and catchy as well as socially resonant. Ellwood presents a revealing and honest Lauper alongside lively archival footage of her cheeky personality and many absorbing performances through the years. The result is a film that captures Lauper’s body of work as an outspoken feminist artist who has been a stalwart advocate and champion for others. ––Jose Rodriguez

After the Premiere: A performance by Cyndi Lauper at the Beacon Theatre.

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Directed by Alison Ellwood

Alison Ellwood
Alison Ellwood, Trevor Birney, Eimhear O'Neill, Andrew Tully, Tom Mackay, Richard Story, Rebecca Teitel, Sophia Dilley, Wesley Adams, Lisa Barbaris, Gregory P. Cimino II ESQ
Juli Vizza
Director of Photography
Michelle McCabe
Nick Gibney
Original Score
Wendy Blackstone
Cyndi Lauper


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