The Line

Spotlight Narrative

World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 100 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Thriller

Ethan Berger’s feature narrative debut is an engrossing contemplation of blind adherence to tradition through the lens of a fictional college fraternity. Tom (Alex Wolff), a passionate ‘brother’ of this fraternity, is charmed by the promises of high social status and alumni connections that open doors. But as a classmate outside of his social circle named Annabelle (Halle Bailey) enters his life, his devotion begins to falter. Once the scheduled hazing of new fraternity members comes to a disturbing head, Tom is faced with the decision of a lifetime.

In this unique dive into traditions ingrained in American culture, Berger opens up a conversation that can be applied to any example of absolute loyalty to an institution. Wolff offers a gut-wrenching performance of a young man questioning every belief that had once comprised his being. He is joined by John Malkovich and Denise Richards as the corrupt, wealthy parents of his power-hungry roommate — an earlier generation perpetuating these same traditions.––Kylie Jost-Price

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Directed by Ethan Berger

Ethan Berger
Alexandre Dauman, Jack Parker, Adam Paulsen, Lije Sarki
Ethan Berger, Alex Russek
Stefan Weinberger
Ted Feldman
Executive Producer
Taylor Grant, Zack Purdo, Ramanan Sivalingam, Dustin Zhang, Magnus Rausing, Ryan Alexander, Stacey Grant, Jay Van Hoy, Marc Porterfield
Production Designer
Francesca Palombo
Sound Mixer
Skip Lievsay
Daniel Rossen
Publicity Contacts
Katie Jo Ash, Sara Tehrani (
Alex Wolff, Lewis Pullman, Halle Bailey, Austin Abrams, Angus Cloud, Scoot McNairy, John Malkovich, Bo Mitchell, Denise Richards


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