Live Cargo

US Narrative Competition

World Premiere

USA, Bahamas | 88 MINUTES | English | English subtitles


Drama, Thriller

Featuring an ethereal tone and stark black-and-white cinematography, Live Cargo is set on a small island in the Bahamas that is being torn in two. On one side is a dangerous human trafficker using stolen boats to move Haitians to the United States, and on the other is an aging patriarch, struggling to maintain order. This is the situation grieving couple Nadine and Lewis move into when they journey to the island, hoping to restore their relationship after the tragic death of their newborn child. They soon discover that, no matter how hard they try, nothing on the island is untouched by the effects of human trafficking. Dree Hemingway (Starlet, While We’re Young) and Keith Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton) give fantastic, nuanced performances as Nadine and Lewis, while Robert Wisdom (The Wire) anchors a strong supporting cast. Director Logan Sandler keeps an impressively keen grip on the tone of his debut feature, which is suspenseful and poignant in equal measures, all the while maintaining a sharp focus on the small details of everyday life in the Bahamas.

—Cara Cusumano

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Directed by Logan Sandler

Logan Sandler graduated from AFI in 2014 and was a recipient of the Franklin J. Schaffner Fellow Award. His thesis film, Tracks, screened at numerous festivals. Logan's feature debut Live Cargo was selected for IFP's 2015 Independent Filmmaker Labs. Currently, Logan is working on several projects: a second feature Bela, and Scrap, a TV series based on his experience growing up in Miami.

Logan Sandler
Logan Sandler, Thymaya Payne
Thymaya Payne, Mortimer Canepa, René Bastian, Lauren Brady, Tina Preschitz, Randy Harris Hearst
Nick Ellsberg, Garret Price
Associate Producer
Jake Katofsky, Julia Hannafin
Daniella Nowitz
Executive Producer
Valery Dorshimer, Scott Sandler, Ron Simons, Steven Sablotsky
Brooke Blair, Will Blair
Dree Hemingway, Keith Stanfield, Leonard Earl Howze, Sam Dillon, Robert Wisdom


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