Lost Soulz

US Narrative Competition

World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 95 MINUTES | English | English subtitles


Drama, Music, Expressions of Black Freedom

Sol (Sauve Sidle) is an aspiring young rapper living with his best friend Wesley (Siyanda Stillwell), whose family has embraced him as a brother. After a raucous night causes Wesley to overdose, Sol abandons him at a house party, and eventually chooses to leave home for good and join a touring group of hip-hop artists. As they travel across Texas creating and performing, he discovers who he is as an artist and person.

Set to a lo-fi, genre-bending hip-hop soundtrack, Katherine Propper creates a hazy and enigmatic energy that compliments her leading man’s guilt and desire for friendship and belonging. Numerous musical performances, whether in their van or on a stage, allow the ensemble’s chemistry to shine. This film will be a crowd-pleaser to fans of Soundcloud rap and film alike.––Nora Bernard

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Fri June 16 - 9:00 PM
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Directed by Katherine Propper

Katherine Propper
Andres Figueredo Thomson, Juan Carlos Figueredo Thomson
Katherine Propper
Donald Monroe
Isaac Burns
Shawn Sutta & Adam Robl
Associate Producer
Dana Reilly, Giussepe "Pepe" Toni
Mariella Pérez, Katherine Propper
Sauve Sidle, Siyanda Stillwell, Aaron "Seven" Melloul , Krystall Poppin, Alexander Brackney, Micro TDH, Malachi Mabson, Tauran Ambroise


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Andrew Herwitz
The Film Sales Company
New York, NY 10028
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