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Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan became fast friends during their youth in Germany. With Rob coming from a broken home and Fabrice having left an abusive household, they shared a similar upbringing, as well as a future goal: to become famous superstars. In a few short years, their dreams came true. Their first album went platinum six times in 1989, and their hit “Girl You Know It’s True” sold over 30 million singles worldwide. Rob and Fab, better known as Milli Vanilli, became the most popular pop duo in the late 1980s. However, their ascension to success came with a devastating price that ultimately brought their undoing.

Luke Korem’s Milli Vanilli dissects the duo’s trajectory from their humble origins through their collaboration with legendary music producer Frank Farian — a toxic partnership that cemented the band’s fate and concealed a shocking secret about their music and craft. With access into the inner circle of those involved in the controversy, including Fabrice himself and Farian’s assistant Ingrid Segieth, Korem’s illuminating documentary pulls back the curtain on the story that we thought we knew, but didn’t, and delivers a compelling look at the price of fame and the opportunistic commodification of artists.––Jose Rodriguez

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Directed by Luke Korem

Luke Korem
Luke Korem, Bradley Jackson
Gabriel Patay
Patrick Berry
Mondo Boys
Executive Producer
Hanif Abdurraqib, Kim Marlowe
Jon Michael Simpson
Fabrice Morvan, Timbaland, Ingrid Segieth, Frank Farian, Charles Shaw, Brad Howell, Linda Rocco, Jodie Rocco, Diane Warren, Rob Pilatus, John Davis, Carmen Pilatus


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