Molly Robber


New York Premiere

SHORT | United States | 15 MINUTES | English, Japanese |


Action, Comedy

A high-school dropout (Chelsea Lopez) in desperate need of cash plans to rob her drug dealer (Tristan Ott), but when her anime-obsessed step-brother (Elim Uraimov) sneaks along for the ride, things get complicated.

Playing in: Shorts: Straight Up With A Twist

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Directed by Austin Hall and Zach Visvikis

Austin Hall and Zach Visvikis are a Los Angeles-based filmmaking duo whose work screened at the Bath Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival. Together they directed music videos that received over two million views on YouTube. Their moms say they have decent people skills.

Austin Hall, Zach Visvikis
Marley Medina
Austin Hall, Zach Visvikis
Morgan Gardiner
Ben Heim
Melvin En DaChamber
Executive Producer
Barry Bostwick, April Price, Bill Gunn
Associate Producer
Dylan Visvikis, Sam Desmond, Charlie Fellows
Cameron Penn, Matthew Hadley
Production Designer
Maya Hirota
Casting Director
Juliet Brett
Chelsea Lopez, Barry Bostwick, Camron Jones, Elim Uraimov, Tristan Ott, Jeff Tendall


International Sales Contact
Austin Hall
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Phone: 530 713 9292
US Sales Contact
Austin Hall
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Phone: 530 713 9292
Print Source
Austin Hall
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Phone: 530 713 9292
Press Contact
Sara Bleger
Tribeca Film Festival