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Directed by actor/director Peter Mullan (My Name Is Joe, The Magdalene Sisters), NEDS takes place in the gritty and savage world of 1970s Glasgow. On the brink of adolescence, John McGill is a bright and sensitive boy. He's eager to learn and full of promise, but with no one willing to give him a chance, young John descends into a violent life of crime. NEDS is an intense and tragic portrayal of the loss of hope.


Directed by Peter Mullan and Peter Mullan

PETER MULLAN is an actor, writer, and director. His acting credits include Ken Loach's My Name Is Joe, for which he won Best Actor at Cannes, On a Clear Day, Criminal, Out of This World, Kiss of Life, and Young Adam. He has made three short films and three features that have won numerous awards, including the Golden Lion in Venice for The Magdalene Sisters.

Primary Cast
Louise Goodall, Conor McCarron, Gregg Forrest, Joe Szula, Gary Milligan, Richard Mack, Marianna Palka, Peter Mullan
Peter Mullan
Director of Photography
Roman Osin
Craig Armstrong
Peter Mullan
Alain De La Mata, Marc Missonnier & Olivier Delbosc, Lucinda Van Rie, Conchita Airoldi


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